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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So Many Choices

Since I haven't actually signed for this new place I have kept my craigslist ad up. I've been getting so many offers! None particularly amazing or anything. The place I currently have lined up is a good deal with all the features I want and places I'm getting offered have yet to be significantly better than that, but there's still so many choices.

One of the offers was sent by a woman a year older than me who actually owns the house she is renting from. She lives there and is looking for a roommate. It's too far away and a bit above my price range, but when she sent me pics she was in one of them and she's totally cute. Haha, I'm not actually considering moving there because of the aforementioned reasons (and besides, how dumb and stupid would it be moving into a place with that in mind), but I was still stupid enough to google her and find her twitter and find out she's like super cool - based on the links she posted and things she says - on top of being super cute. Why do we do this to ourselves? Dumb crushes are dumb.


Anyway, I'm seeing a few more places just to keep some doors open in case things fall through with this other place. Lots of choices! I kinda hate shooting in the dark like this, but the dudes at the new place seem super chill and I just have to get approved by their landlord. Shouldn't be a big deal.

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