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So many fiber crafts, so little time.

I have this habit of buying old craft books at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. Most of them are fiber craft-related, and even if I never use the books, I at least like to look at the pretty things inside. This morning, I randomly paged through one of them, and I really shouldn't have because it's giving me too many ideas. This book, which is from the late 1960s, has detailed instructions for building a 2-harness loom. I'm so tempted to make one because I love building shit, and if a 60s housewife (definitely the demographic for this book) can make one, then so can I. I probably have the money, but I'm guessing not the space and definitely not the time. Also, this book had a section on crewel embroidery, which is a really, really old type of embroidery. I've never heard of it, and it looks really interesting. This is definitely something I could probably attempt, but I think the supplies are to come by, especially where I live in Nowheresville, USA. Finally, last week I ranted about not being able to master crocheting a magic loop. I've been really busy lately, so I haven't had much time to mess with it, but I'm feeling a lot more confident after looking over everyone's suggestions. I'll post a picture of my handiwork as soon I get around to it.


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