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So many things are wrong with this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry

1. How can you not recognize the EU flag?

2. Why would the mere thought of an Arabic flag terrify you so much that you feel the need to call the police?

3. Why, in a country where there's a politically charged flag on every other lamp post, would you feel that there was anything wrong with flying any type of flag whatsoever?


4. Why did the police even bother to respond to something that would clearly not be against the law in any way.

5. Just why?

I mean, seriously? I'm starting to wonder if there's something magical about flags that I just don't understand. Admittedly I'm not and oppressed minority, I don't have an exciting heritage and I'm not nationalistic, but why the fuck does anyone give a flying toss about a bit of material? People get so outraged when they're burned, and apparently now they're also outraged if they don't recognize them. Please can someone explain to me the power of coloured material?

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