Some students at my uni have put forward a motion to stop students dressing up in blackface and 'tribal' facepaint. They haven't actually banned it yet, they've just had the audacity to put forward a motion, and therefore are infringing on the rights of white people to wear fancy dress in the way they want.

I've been playing White Oppression bingo in the comments and so far I've seen 'people are oversensitive', 'it's racist to call this racist', 'if you ban this we won't be able to do best of British either, where will this END', 'it's not fair to label these people as racist just because they've done a racist thing', and, my favourite, 'aren't there bigger problems to worry about?'

And they say Britain is tolerant...

UPDATE: New favourite/most hated comment... 'I lived in Botswana for six months, I can assure you that none of the people I helped there would find this racist.'