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Welcome To The Bitchery

So maybe I'm the only one who still watches the Real World

I don't know at this point it's sorta habit. I DVR it and watch when I have a spare half hour to waste on useless crap. I started watching around the Real World: Hawaii years and I feel like I've seen it devolve from a semi-socially conscious series to a show about supplying hot young people lots of booze and hoping they'll all have sex with or fight each other or both! Maybe I'm giving it too much credit in the first place but I remember Ruthie going to rehab, Mike & Coral's discussions on racism, Danny's boyfriend's face being blurred out because he was gay and in the military. That shit was interesting. Now we have a crazy bitch sucker punching a girl, a tiny dog, and they hardly even try to select a diverse group of people. And I always thought there was a rule where you hit someone you go home automatically? When did this change and was it done to encourage this to make better TV? So really anyone else or am I really the last person watching this shit?


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