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So. Mr. Cat wants to get hitched

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His pro-list: He loves me, he wants to make our relationship 'official' and 'real', he would get payed more, his parents are applying some pressure, we are a better couple than most people.


He doesn't have a con list.

My pro list: I love him and adore him and I trust him infinitely. We've been together for many years now and he supported me through some bad stuff. I want us to be together forever and make cute little babies together. Being officially wedded will solve all future visa problems. I'd have to check, but I would probably also get payed more. I would like to have a pretty ring and a nice, exotic honeymoon.


I do have a con list: Thinking of getting married is freaking me out. I never, ever wanted to get married. Having a wedding with my family is going to be awkward, as I don't speak to half of them. My parents had a horrible marriage before they finally got a divorce and it was hell for us children and I'm terrified of doing the same thing. I also have some philosophical problems with the institution of marriage.

So, there. I'm confused.

Please tell me happy stories of your marriages and how/why you decided to get married.


ETA:Guys, your responses are making me weepy. Jezzies are the best.

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