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My FiL: King of Wishful Thinking

So Mr. Ivriniel and I had lunch with his Dad today. We usually have dinner with him, but he was going to have dinner with his girlfriend tonight. At the end of lunch he said to us "Don't tell ABiL where I am going tonight. I don't want it getting back to Mr. Ivriniel's mother. It will upset her."

*roll eyes*

My Inlaws broke up nearly 20 years ago, because my FiL was emotionally abusive to her. He's learned nothing in all this time and blames the breakup on OSiL, who he says "infected her mother with her feminist ideas".


Both of my Inlaws have dated other people, and my MiL was engaged but her fiancé passed away from a heart attack. On occasion my MiL and FiL will do things together, which my MiL views as just going out as friends, but my FiL views as opportunities to charm her back.

If we go to events with my FiL and MiL, FiL asks us not to post pictures of the two of them together to Facebook, so his girlfriend won't see them. If his girlfriend comes up in conversation with my MiL, he will say they are just friends, or say he hasn't seen her in ages.

My MiL is fully aware of what my FiL is up to, and the fact that he would drop his girlfriend in a heartbeat if my MiL said she wanted him back is another reason why my MiL says she will never go back to him.

So long and the short of it, my MiL couldn't care less who he has dinner with tonight.

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