Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


I have been feeling stuck in life lately—hating my job, wanting to switch careers, but not having the background to make that switch easily. I also live in an expensive area that makes changing careers next-to-impossible since I couldn’t afford to leave my relatively-high paying job for an entry-level one in a different industry AND continue to save for a house.

To say that I’ve been experiencing some ennui would be putting it mildly.

Two months ago, I applied for an alumni scholarship from the school I earned my Master’s. The scholarship was for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the school, and yesterday I received news that I FUCKING GOT ONE!


I get to go back to school, for free, and get an MBA, 100% covered. I am jumping up and down inside, so full of hope that this will help me make the career switch I want since the skills I have now just aren’t enough. This is the best news I could have received right now.

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