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Welcome To The Bitchery

So much for discretion, or, Facebook is the devil (along with tequila)

So we had a big dinner out with some friends last night at a tex mex place in town, and we ALL got ridiculously hammered on Mambo Taxis (frozen margaritas with sangria swirl, so good, so dangerous.) They did NOT skimp on the tequila. At all.

So guy-friend-not-yet-boyfriend and I drunkenly pecked each other on the lips at one point, and we were being fairly cuddly. A friend of ours snapped a few pictures with her iPhone of me leaning against him with my arm wrapped around his bicep, and she uploaded them to Facebook and tagged both of us with the caption "the new lovebirds". I woke up this morning to 50 notifications, 82 "likes" on the picture (including from his mom and stepdad and a few guys that I used to date...guuuhhh) and 20 comments. I deleted the photo off my timeline but it's still out there on his page and our friend's page.


Jesus. I mean, he and I talked a little about it, and while I don't feel like there's anything to hide I'm also a very private person when it comes to this kind of thing, and so is he. Also, we have only been "dating" for one single solitary week. Granted, we had been dancing around it and both harboring feelings for at least the last three or four months, but still, this thing is in its infancy. I asked him if I should tell our friend to take it down and he said "Honestly, I don't care at this point. Word was going to get around anyway, and it's just going to get worse." (This is a reference to the fact that we are both pretty visible/prominent in the nonprofit organization we both volunteer for, and people had been talking/speculating about us for awhile I guess.)

Oh well. I guess I'm not really all that terribly worried about it, but it's kind of weird that everybody and their fucking dog now knows about this. For what it's worth, all the feedback we've received has been "this is wonderful, we love you both, you're great people with good hearts, and you deserve happiness" et cetera which is nice.

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