Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've been diagnosed hyperthyroid for 6 years, and 6 months ago my doctor took me off medication because it seemed like I finally beat Graves disease. Well, here I am waiting for my next prescription which isn't my regular medication anymore. I'm getting a beta blocker because in about 10 days I'll be radioactive.

I've chosen to combat Graves with Radioactive Iodine and I'm nervous about it. Basically, this will kill my erratic thyroid (which has effects on everything from the hair on my head, to my heart, to my mental health), and I will need to take a hormone replacement for life. This was not an easy decision, but Graves is hard. I'm twitchy, I'm anxious, pretty much everything sucks. Getting rid of it has it's own consequences, mainly weight gain and fatigue. But I'd have those problems with Graves anyway.

So expect to see a lot of me on GT in about a week. I have to board my dog and I can't have human contact for about a week. I'm nervous and scared, but I have to do it.

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