Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Soooo, because of the gahtdamn polar vortex, our campus will be closed until Th. We’ve already had 2 delays, 2 early outs, and 2 snow days. Now, it’s 2 more snow days! At this point, I look at my course calendars and I’m like:


Also, I made my first ever appt. with a therapist and I’m excited and nervous! It’s not for a few more weeks but it seems like so many (female) therapists in my area aren’t accepting new patients, so I’m just happy to have found someone. Anyone have any advice for questions I should ask in that first meeting? Or other things I should know?

Also x2, have you seen Murder Mountain on Netflix?!

And how are you doing? Anyone else stuck inside this week? What’s up whichoo?

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