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So much ughhhhhh...

Someone on Facebook posted this today. This is my least favorite kind of “persuasive” article. As an atheist, I see a lot of Christians use this kind of reasoning to try to convert atheists. “I used to be an atheist. I used to hate god. Then I had a revelation.” Etc., etc. These articles only serve to reinforce the views of people who already hold them, not convince people who hold different views. The whole argument is built on the concepts and terminology used by people within the group. Somehow, people in the groups that post these kinds of articles seem to believe in the persuasive power of this argument, even critical thinkers who would not be swayed by a similar argument (which to me is the most bizarre part of it—the person who posted this is college educated. I’ve seen her read other articles with other viewpoints much more critically).

The other part of this that irks me is that the whole argument is based on her own personal experiences and what she was taught about sex and its connections to baby-making. Though she implies that this the same for all of American society, that is not necessarily the case. And there’s this thing about putting in quotes by people who believe in abortion rights, saying potentially questionable things. Except, this tactic very rarely works on non-religious people, because we don’t base our beliefs on what authority figures have to say about them (though I could write a whole post on that some other time—it’s another common way to try to “convert” people, quoting Darwin and whatnot).


So, sorry, Facebook friend, I am not convinced by your article posted from a clearly biased source, that uses religious terminology and premises to build its argument, that frames everything from your own personal experiences, and that have sprinklings of condemning quotes from “abortionists.”

ETA: Thanks to Notorious GIGI, here’s a Do Not Link link for people who don’t want to give LifeSite News pageviews.

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