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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So my best friend of five years dumped me out of the blue last night.

I’m reeling and confused and so, so hurt. Pics of messages in comments.

EDIT: we spoke by phone yesterday; she was unable to give any real, concrete reasons aside from “not feeling actively good” about our friendship while acknowledging that she doesn’t feel bad about it and that I’ve been a good friend, and that while she enjoys spending time with me when we’re together, she “doesn’t look forward to it in advance?”


I told her that if she does this, she can’t come back. My sister feels that I should be more forgiving. I feel that there’s a difference between being forgiving and being a punching bag.


I’m still not going to let her back into my life but I did alert a mutual friend, who’s also a mental health professional, still in contact with her to what’s going on, and asked him to check in on her every so often in case this is the start of a breakdown or other mental health episode.

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