Two years. Ostensibly, we are still in love. We moved to the Atlanta area a year ago, so that I could finish up some school, and further my career. He was in school in NC, and had a part time job as a student instructor. He's going for engineering, and moved with me to get into a feeder program, for GA Tech. For the last year, he has been unable to find a job. I'm honestly not even sure if he is really looking anymore. I've been the only source of income for the family for the last year. That hasn't ever really bothered me, as he has done the lion's share of the household work- cooking, cleaning, pet care etc (really, the only thing I have been responsible for has been laundry. Whatever) So, he's been getting more and more frustrated, and now. Boom. His decision is made. He's moving back to NC, with what money I don't know and where to I also do not know. I assume this means we are breaking up, but again, I do not know- and he says he hasn't though that far ahead. I've been crying for the last eight-ish hours off and on, and I have the worst headache. I can't even lay down for a nap because he is in there, packing or sulking or I don't even know. I'm upset, but I'm also just really really tired.