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So My Boyfriend's 12 y o Niece is Writing 1D Fanfic Porn

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And I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

She's also uploading "rants" about One Direction, but the biggest cause for concern is the hard-core (and I mean *hard* core) NC-17 fanfic she's been writing.


She's 12 years old, blonde and pretty and has made it very easy to find out her real name and where she lives. Her fanfic account is linked to her YouTube account, which of course provides her name, face and general location.

I don't want to stigmatize a young girl going through normal, healthy sexual urges. But what I do want to potentially help put a stop to is the fact that she's making this so public and she's not nearly as anonymous as she might think.


The major complication is that her parents are total deadbeats who've removed us (my boyfriend and I) from Facebook after my boyfriend's mother launched a Social Services investigation into the definitely sub-par conditions that they were forcing their children to live in.*

Mostly I want to know if this is something to present to the ministry as:

1) While she's 12 and I definitely had sexual urges at 12, in some cases this kind of detailed sexual knowledge could indicate abuse.


2) At the very least, the fact that she's able to upload obscenity-ridden rants and hardcore pornography would suggest that her parents are not monitoring her internet and social media use in a responsible way, and exposing her to a lot of potential embarrassment down the road — first with friends or at school, and then later with jobs if this is all still google-able.

Any recommendations, or should I leave it alone?

*By sub-par conditions, I mean:

Their mother and father forgot to make sure that they had a school lunch even though both were on welfare at the time, but were too lazy to make their children a sandwich, so they take advantage of the "less privileged kids" lunch program — but still forgot to sign the form so their kids could have said lunch for a month and a half.


They do not walk their kids to school despite the fact that their school route is along a busy highway, and the two younger children are 7 and 5.

And finally, when a man approached the oldest, 12, and asked if she wanted "sex education" training, they did not call the cops or inform the school that a man along their school route was sexually approaching children.


That, and they have about 10 different animals locked in a tiny townhouse and they rarely clean up the "mess" or do laundry, so the kids go to school in — literally — dirty, urine-soaked clothes.

Despite all of this, the only thing the ministry did was remove the father's welfare, as they discovered as part of the investigation that he'd been abusing the system.

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