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So my car was totalled....

Friday morning I was driving to work when an SUV pulled out front a stop sign and stopped dead right in front of me. It was a t intersection, and I think she was trying to make a left hand turn, but there were cars in the lane she wanted to enter. There was just no way I could stop in time, and nowhere for me to swerve to avoid her.

The driver told me afterwards that she thought I was turning, and that she was distracted because she was talking to her daughter in the backseat. I wasn't signalling a turn, and even if I were, she still didn't have the right of way.

Anyways, the appraiser looked at my car today and concluded that it was a write off.


So now I have to get a new car. I'd like another subcompact hatchback, like my Toyota Yaris, but, not another Yaris. From what I am reading they haven't kept pace with the competition. My parents have a Honda Fit that they like.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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