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God, I have no clue how to put a post title that's not super depressing, but yeah, that happened this weekend.

It's been a fucking rough couple of weeks. 3 weeks ago my dad's uncle passed. His funeral is next weekend. Last week, my (paternal) grandpa was found on the floor of his home by his caretaker, so he was taken to the hospital. He had very low white cell counts and they tested and determined he had acute leukemia. They told us 6 months since he chose not to do any kind of chemo. Then he got an infection and it just went so fast.

As of 12:40 Saturday morning, I no longer have any biological grandparents. I still have my mom's aunt, who was always more of a grandmother to me than my maternal grandmother, but three months ago she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is doing chemo now only to prolong her life. When it rains it pours, I guess.


I'm back at work today. I left early on Friday when my dad called to tell me that my grandpa would be passing either that day or night. He lived fairly far away from us, but I wanted to be with my parents who live an hour away from me. I drove back home to my home on Sunday and had every intention of going back to work on Monday. I woke up at my normal time, I put the dog out to frolick, I went back to bed and I literally could not get out of bed again for hours, so I just emailed in. This morning I actually made it in to my office.

I wish I was home in bed, but it's infuriating not being here. When I'm not here, nobody follows the chain of command in regards to my employees and they just end up freaking out because everyone keeps tasking them with things that they don't need to be worrying about. So it's easier to be here, but it just sucks.

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