Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So... my husband got the last two weeks of July off of work and I no longer need to go to PD in mid-July.

We would like to plan a European vacation. The last week will be in Turkey, so we really only have a week for the rest of the continent.


I know I want to see Ireland.

Give me ideas for the rest. I’ve only been to Mexico and Turkey.


I’m a US citizen, but my husband is a Turkish citizen with a green card (they’re not part of the EU.)


I speak okay Spanish and can get around in French with some difficulty.

Do we fly everywhere or take trains?

I’m a history nerd.

Husband is Muslim, so where can we easily find food without pork? Also, I’d appreciate any heads up about Islamaphobia. My husband doesn’t get read as Muslim in the US, but maybe European bigots are better at it.


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