Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So... My In-Laws Are Visiting...

They arrived. LittleNom was jumping up and down, all excited. My FIL gets to hold InfantNom for the first time. It’s hugs and kisses and unicorns. We help them with their bags up the stairs and Mr.Nom says, “Come see InfantNom’s room!”

Three cream walls. One light blue accent wall. A rocket lamp on the nightstand. Four gorgeous prints, with Carl Sagan quotes. Baby books and stuffed animals on the dresser hutch. Curtains with silver stars on them. Stars and a rocket decal on the walls. It’s adorable.


And what does my FIL say? “You went butch for her room.”

*eyes rolled out of my head for 20 different reasons*

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