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So My Mom Wants to Buy a House

All because she doesn't "like" our new landlord (which is more accurately "I acted like an overbearing bitch/moron to the new landlord multiple times, now she deals with me through my polite/not a complete jackass daughter"). I'm serious. She went out and got pre-qualified for a home loan from her bank.

Now, I has questions for all of you. How does one go about buying a home? She has already been looking on Zillow and other related sites for something in her price range ($315,000: about 150thousand less than she can afford for the current area she is renting). Should I tell her to look at other companies for her loan? Should she borrow against her 401(k) to up the range and open up new areas for her to look for a home? Is there a way for her to get her hands on foreclosed/bank-owned properties? Would it be smart to purchase something like a duplex, which would allow her to rent out the extra unit (okay, she will probably say no to this, but I think it would be smart)? Would a realtor be investing in getting a company to check that everything in the house is up to code before purchase, or is that something she will have to pay for herself? Am I doomed to have to pack up my fucking life and move to Shreveport, Louisiana for this goddamn woman because it is the only place she can afford (I'm only sort of kidding)?


Tomorrow, she (hopefully) will call a realtor (referred to her by a coworker), and let that person know which neighborhoods she'd like. I get the feeling that this whole saga is going to stress me the fuck out . . . moreso. Also, a house just got rehabbed and is now up for sale a block from where we currently reside . . . for $1.2mil. Boourns.

I feel like there should be weekly follow-up posts for this

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