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So...my unviersity president just sent us an email about Ebola

Well, to be more specific, about precautions that the university will take in case, for whatever reason, someone on campus is to contract Ebola. I'm a bit "WTF" about it. The email even acknowledges that the chances of an outbreak are slim. But, I totally understand why the email is being sent out, and it's probably a good thing to do. It's a pretty well-renowned university in an urban center with a lot of diverse students and faculty from all over the world. I was just totally caught off guard because I've never received an email like this, you know?

Aaaand just as I'm writing this, my program's clinical dean just sent us an email about Ebola as well and the precautions we'll be taking and how they're going to screen for it with every patient who comes in from now on. Wow, things are getting real!


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