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So now we know what the allegations are

Mr. I went to the meeting with management today. They produced 5 statements from female coworkers.

In written statements it is claimed that he harassed them by giving them compliments about their clothing. (Yeah, he shouldn't have done that. I know I have heard that is a no-no in anti-harassment workshops, but he says that he does not believe the topic has ever come up. In any case, his grandmother was a seamstress, his mother taught him to sew, and he makes clothes. He notices garments for garments sake. And he talked about their clothes, not their bodies.) In any case, I seem to recall that for instances like this, the party who feels harassed it supposed to speak up and say stop as a first step.

One person claimed that he tends to hover, and not realize that his presence was unwelcome. Mr. I can be socially awkward. He's pretty much a stereotypical math major nerd. In his 20's he read books on psychology and body language to try and get a better handle on that.


He was accused of bringing weapons to work on two occasions. Here's what actually happened.

1) First time, he offered a letter opener to a coworker who was looking for scissors. He offered it to her handle first, and she declined it.

2) Mr. Ivriniel has an umbrella with handle shaped like a Katana. I bought it for him at the Royal Ontario Museum. One coworker claimed that went he came in with it, she thought it was a rifle. Another coworker claims that she thought it was a machete. This was in APRIL.

Either way, are they seriously trying to claim that they thought he was bringing weapons to the office, and yet did nothing? They didn't inform management? Or if they did, management didn't either go check it out or call the police?

There is a fourth allegation, but I don't want to give many details, as it is kind of identifying. Suffice it to say, a female coworker is supposed to claiming that an email he wrote about an slightly cheeky CANCER. AWARENESS. CAMPAIGN. to the entire office was harassment (the email was not directed to her) despite the fact she responded to it with "LOL and LMAO" and then rushed over to his cubicle to talk to him about it. A coworker you say you are scared of, wrote an email that you considered harassment, and within minutes you are over at his cubicle laughing about it and making small talk? Really?


Nope, nothing fishy here at all. Interestingly, everyone who made a complaint either works directly for the VP who has been harassing Mr. I, or worked for him in his previous position, and knows what a bastard he is.

Still don't have a lawyer, but once we do, I think they will have a lot to work with.

Oh, and incidentally, he was told that the Police have declined to have any further involvement in this matter.

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