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So One Of My Best Friends Discovered A Video

I met this friend through Crusty Dildo Roommate. More correctly, ANOTHER mutual friend discovered the video, passed it to him, and he passed it to me. I have spent the past half-hour since trying to figure out whether the person in this video is, in fact, Crusty Dildo Roommate.

The video is...well, uh...I'm not going to link to it from this website. It is every possible type of NSFW, for starters, and the website he found it on is...well, I'm not sure if it's a porn referral website, but there's definitely hardcore porn ads next to the video. Starting at 1:38 of the video, we're treated to about 10 seconds of an overweight man dancing bare-ass naked in front of a webcam. This man at the very least bears an eerie resemblance to Crusty Dildo Roommate.

At first I was skeptical, but the more I watch it, the more I find myself becoming convinced. Seriously, I've analyzed these ten seconds of footage like they're the fucking Zapruder film of naked, crazy ex-roommates. I'm even trying to bring in an expert witness (someone who has seen him naked) and get her testimony. I will update as more unfolds on this breaking story.

ETA: She has thus far only been able to look at it on her phone, but she's "like 90% sure that's him."
ETA: Guys, stop asking for links to previous posts in this saga. I used the Crusty Dildo Update tag for a reason.
ETA: Ok, apparently that is DEFINITELY what he looks like naked. I'm willing to call it — this is the Crusty Dildo Roommate.


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