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So proud of myself

Today I did two things that I've been avoiding doing and they went better than expected! So proud of me.

First of all I made a doctor's appointment. I picked up the phone, dialed a number and spoke to an actual human being who very nicely explained that the doctor would be taking on new patients in January so I have an appointment for right after New Years. That's one way to start the year right. Bonus, they take my insurance and there's no copay. Thanks Obamacare! I was putting that off for six months. I feel so foolish but, you know, doctors and phones...


And the second cool thing is I started to clear out a file cabinet in my new office. I switched departments in my company a month ago and it's been a pretty positive move. The job is more stressful and demanding but the people are so much nicer. It was also the first time I ever negotiated my salary! At first they were going to make it a lateral move and keep my pay the same, but I remembered all the articles I read about women not asking for what they're worth so I asked the incredibly sweet HR lady if she could go back and ask for me. She agreed, said I was completely worth it and called me back a half hour later with an increase! Fuck yeah!

Anyway, I've been putting off cleaning out this cabinet because it's stuffed with old client files from the man who had my position before me and I didn't want to deal with finding them a new home. I finally broke down and cleared it out because I need the space and I stumbled upon this guy's last performance review. I know I shouldn't have looked but he's long gone and he left the company on very bad terms so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Turns out, he was making LESS than I am and his last raise put him on the same level I started at. I'm making as much as a man who had my job in a traditionally male industry! YEAH!

I also got my flu shot today. I am just kicking ass and taking names all over the damn place.

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