Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Just finished up the first of my 3 prenatal massages from my birthday gift from Mr. Haa. It. was. fucking. awesome! If you'll recall I've had a hell month from work so I decided to start my Memorial Day weekend a little early and booked this massage. Best idea ever! I feel so great and refreshed. We're heading down to Charlotte tomorrow to visit my dad until Tuesday so I probably won't be around much in the next couple days. I predict there will be much eating and music. He's really gotten embraced by the music community down there. So much so he's stopped looking for work and decided to do the music thing. He's living his dream at 55! I'm really happy for him.

I'm really excited to see my dad. I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and I know it's been killing him not to see me during my pregnancy. He asks my mom all the time how I look so I try to send him belly pics every so often. Baby Haa will be my family's first grandbaby and both my parents and stepparents are over the moon excited. He told me on the phone last night how even though he was really excited to see us this weekend he's already looking forward to when they visit in October to see the baby. He's going to such a great grandpa.


Anyways hope everyone has a fun weekend! It's finally the start of summer!

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