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So Report Cards go home tomorrow

Every year we are given various flyers and things to stuff into the envelopes with the report cards. When I started teaching, you'd get something for the Canadian National Exhibition, the Library's Summer Reading Club, and maybe a coupon for Wild Water Kingdom.

Then the Ministry of Tourism started shipping out Summer Fun Guides, with coupons for various cultural and historic sites. Which was ok too.

This year, I was given a big manila envelope with 11 separate flyers to shove into the report card envelopes with the report cards. There are flyers for day camps, the Bowmanville Zoo (as I type this, I regret not just recycling those, as Zoo Check has consistently given that Zoo a failing grade) music lessons, a stage show, etc.


And the worst part? This year for some reason the Library Summer Reading Club flyer is something that is meant to hang on a door, so the stupid hook thing at the top kept getting caught on other flyers and the top of the report card envelopes.

I just hope the board is getting paid good money for all this junk. Hell, they should be paying us to stuff the envelopes.

Parents in other places: Do you get deluged with advertising in your kids' report cards?

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