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So sad and tired of being out of work

In summer/fall I was working nonstop, constantly bouncing from one gig to another (I work in film/TV production as a PA), but since winter hit there have been so much fewer jobs available. All of my work connections have either forgotten me or don't have the opportunity to hire me for stuff. And yet I know people are working, because when I managed to get three measly days of work in January the other PAs told me that they're keeping so0o0o0o busy and acted all pitying and almost condescending when I revealed how little I've been working.

And it's not like I'm not trying. I apply for stuff any time I see job posts in my usual resources/websites. Hell, I even interviewed for Sharknado 2 about a week ago. Didn't get it though, so blah. (AND my friend is involved in that and recommended me and it still wasn't enough. Headdesk.) I applied for another thing today and because it was through Facebook I can check whether the lady I applied to read the message and she hasn't even looked at it. Didn't look at my older message when I contacted her for another job months before this one either.


I don't mean to whine, because I know I'm privileged to be able to work in this industry at all. I'm not starving and I have a roof over my head (I live at home in the boonies of Brooklyn, so it's hardly the glamorous trust fund baby life either, but I digress). I'm grateful that I have the freedom to pursue this career at all and I don't have to juggle numerous jobs to support myself or someone else, but it would be nice to catch a break soon. I thought my foot was already through the door last year when I was finally getting steady work in my field, but apparently I'm not quite there yet.

I'm not giving up and I'm not going to say the universe is against me or that I'm not good enough for this line of work, because I know I am and I have faith that I can get through this funk. I'm just really looking forward to the weather clearing up and shoots returning to New York. And when it does come back I won't take anything for granted and I'll operate at 110% so people will remember my name. *quietly sings Fame under breath*

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