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So Sick of roommate drama(warning, long rant)

Gather around kids, it's story time with drunken uncle DFunk. Today it's the story of the asshole roommate. There was a guy i worked with who asked if we might move in together to save money. Seemed like a good idea and despite a mutual coworker warning about how he lived with the guy and he never paid his bills, Dylonius agreed to do it. Well fast forward over a year. The roommate has done barely any cleaning around the apartment, gone into my room several times without asking, left the tv on when asleep or just when leaving the apartment, then bitching about the AC or heat being to high and running up the bill. He would use m,y Xbox profile and spent my points on shit for his dumb NBA game despite me showing how to create his own profile. He has also not been timely on paying me for the bills for electric and cable since, fuck it. The accounts not in his name, who cares if it's late. At one point i was two months behind. He also brought in a dog which he brought into the managers office like a moron, knowing pets were against the rules. He got pissy and punched a hole in the closet door when i refused to clean up the dogsmess he left in the bathroom and the trash he knocked off. Well there's more but i'll stop for now. So our brave, handsome hero has had enough but he's not a fighter, he's a lover. So he puts up with it until he proposes to his lady friend and they plan to move in together after the wedding. So he decides to move in with family to save money., Except there were two months of electric service that didn't get paid and of course since i didn't hound the guy for the money he didn't give me anything. So now i'm trying to get back money he owes for the electric bill. He refuses to belive the amount is correct. On top of that he claims his girlfriend told him i said she could do better which she can. But i never said that. First off i don't want to get in the middle of thier shit. Second all, why would i tell her, the one person who has means motive and oppprotunity to tell him. Anyway, rant and story time over. I'm probably out $84 dollars but if so it's a small price to pay to get this assclown out of my life. He's certainly not getting a wedding invite. I'm almost tempted to try and get the money from the paypal card he left as a payment method on my 360 profile. He put it there voluntarily and never remove it before he moved. I don't know but i need to get some sleep. Thanks for letting me vent and if you read this far and have some kitty gifs, send them my way please. You're the master chief.


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