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So. Sleep. Deprived.

Baby Stabby has acid reflux and for the past two weeks or so has been up all day and all night long in a wail of misery, not able to sleep unless he's sleeping on someone. I feel so, so bad for him. It seems to be getting better after a dietary switch on my part, but oh, Lord, the pain of sleeplessness. Like, I finally get him down at 5 am, and then seven minutes later my 3 year old comes in and says "It's morning time!" (no, it isn't, child. GO BACK TO BED.) Or I finally have the chance to take a nap but then the phone rings because I forgot to turn the ringer off. Or the doorbell rings. Or the construction two doors down picks it up a notch. Or a bird starts to sing right outside my window. And then it starts all over again.

I am so grateful for this adorable little baby, and this isn't my first time at the rodeo so I know it gets better. But I am OLD now, and I have gotten so little sleep lately that my brain actually hurts. If it were humanely possible, I would go all Hotblack Desatio on everyone's ass and spend a year dead for tax purposes. Think of the rest I'd get!


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