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They’re careful not to poke fun of her themselves, but they frame the picture and description of the grieving mother so that all the commenters can do it for them. This may be a new low for Gawker Media.

When my brother died, everyone was unbelievably grief-stricken. We didn’t know how we’d make it through those days. There were still moments when we (including my parents and his widow) couldn’t help but smile, though, at either memories of him or things the kids were doing and saying. If someone took a picture at that exact moment, would we be lambasted for laughing at a funeral? Did that mean we didn’t care? This woman might be reading emailed condolences. She might be checking her makeup to see if her mascara is running down her face. She might be taking a picture of the casket to help her remember her last moments with her daughter- who cares? Who knows? To take a picture of this woman at the most awkward moment of what is likely the worst day of her life just to get clicks...

Words cannot describe how angry I am.

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