So Mr. I had a meeting with his VP this week, and was offered a rather good severance package. He met with a lawyer yesterday, who figured he could probably squeeze a bit more out of the company, but said it probably wasn't worth the time and trouble.

Mr. chose not to tell the lawyer about the Human Rights violating crap VP has been engaging in, which disappoints me, but ultimately that was his decision.

Hilariously, they have already contacted him, asking I him to advise on various projects so in addition to paying him 40+ weeks severance, maintaining his benefits for the duration, writing him a letter of recommendation, and paying for him to go to an outplacement service, they are going to pay him hourly to work for them. Oh, and even if he gets a new job, his will still get the full amount of severance.

I'm off for the summer at the end of the week (thank The Lord God Almighty) so he has decided to take the summer off with me. This is going to be awesome.


What I would really like him to do, is ask to meet with the President of the company to discuss him doing side work with them, and tell him one of the conditions of him doing any work for them is that he have no interactions with the idiot VP. Then he should warn the President that the VP is engaging in behaviour that constitutes harassment on the basis of prohibited grounds, and that the HR manager is aware and is not reigning him in, and then play the voice recording that he has of the VP concern trolling about us being a childless couple in the presence of the HR manager.

It's not in Mr. I's nature to be litigious. The next employee idiot VP pulls crap like this on may not be so accommodating.