Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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So that happened​

Guess who has been cheating on me for at least a few months?

I walked in on him and his other girlfriend. She didn’t know about me. I smashed his wireless keyboard, and then I offered to take her home because she didn’t have a ride and was also rightfully very upset. She’s a very nice person. I hope she has a good support network.


Then I went out with one of my closest for greasy Chinese food and didn’t eat much of it. Turns out when you’re pissed about being cheated on, sometimes your appetite goes away. Oh well.

At least when you get cheated on, there is no mulling and overanalyzing what went wrong. He was an asshole, I wasn’t, end of story. Time to make some green tea and watch Handmaid’s Tale.

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