Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hella won, by a LANDSLIDE. 81% yes.

Here's what's making me beat my head against the wall. Around the country, a lot of progressive measures passed. Gun laws in Washington. Florida failed to legalize marijuana, but only because 60% was required. 58% voted for it. Multiple minimum wage initiatives. Sorry, Colorado personhood law.


So if everyone is voting for all these progressive measures, how do Republicans have Congress? I've seen multiple polls where if people are asked carefully neutral questions, the majority pick progressive answers every time. And then these same people go vote for a Republican!

I keep hearing about Republicans having problems with women or the Latino vote or whatever. Whatever. It's the Democrats who have a problem with everyone. The party is wimpy, afraid of itself, and cannot seem to convince the populace that their platform is what people want, and it's just a noisy minority that truly wants the Republican platform. AAAAAARRRRRRGH.

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