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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So, that was terrifying

I ran along the waterfront downtown this morning, which is usually vivid reminder of why I love living in such a stunningly beautiful city. However, instead of my usual zen-like calm after a long run, I'm actually becoming increasingly more and more anxious as my runner's high wears off.

So... what makes today different? I got stopped at crosswalk with a strange man.

"You're really pretty." Awkward silence... seriously? I'm in sweaty spandex and my hair is a windblown mess and you're starting this? I felt the start of scowl on my face.


"You should learn how to take a compliment." This surprisingly was enough to take me from feeling mildly threatened to being fully annoyed. So I responded. In Spanish... I really really don't know why - maybe somewhere in my brain I thought that if he was convinced I didn't understand him that he'd leave me alone?

"y tu necesitas a tener los pensiamentos quietos, pendejo"*

At which point, the sign mercifully changed to walk, but not before he could get out


"Yeah, you better run you filthy immigrant!"

It could be worse, but joder, now I'm terrified to run outside anywhere.

*translation: And you need to keep your thoughts to yourself, asshole

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