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So, that whole young women and Bernie thing...

I read that Gloria Steinem said young women are basically more or less just supporting Bernie because that’s where the boys are.

And then I read about how Madeleine Albright was all “there’s a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women” when stumping for Hillary.

I mean, I assumed young women might prefer Bernie because of his discussing free college and stress on how people have been fucked by big business. Or that we should have a single-payer health care system. You know, things you worry about with respect to personal economics when you’re not terrified of a president trying to restrict access to basic women’s health care.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t current on Bernie’s stances on women’s rights and reproductive access, but I assumed they were decent because (a) he’s not a Republican, (b) not a bible-thumping-you’re-going-to-hell-you-sluts Christian, and (c) I haven’t seen you intelligent people posting about it being a problem. So I decided to do a little internetting, and read through Planned Parenthood’s comparison.

Basic breakdown seems to be that both candidates are good, but that Hillary pushes harder and introduces more legislation. That’s fair. I think Bernie’s economic ideals would do more to help me than Hillary’s. But let’s face it, a Cabbage Patch Doll could run on the Democratic ticket and I would vote for it before I’d vote for anyone in the Republican candidate circle jerk that’s been going on.

I mean, I’m Hispanic. Doesn’t mean I should want Cruz or Rubio to be in office (fuck typing that made me vomit a little in my mouth) just because of their last name and (ignored by them except when convenient) heritage. Just because I’m a women doesn’t mean that my lady brain can’t discern if another candidate would be a better match for my ideals. What Albright and Steinem is saying is almost that women* voters should want either Hillary or Carli to be president. Certainly the latter option would be atrocious!

*also, how fucking heteronormative is that logic from Steinem? Women are voting for Bernie because that’s where the boys are? I guess clearly no lesbian would ever vote for him. NEVER. But all the gay men, probably?


Am I missing some glaringly obvious problem with Bernie and women’s issues? Like I said, I’ve not done heavy research on my end.

The NYT article I read basically said that the old guard of progressive women feel like Hillary might be their last chance of getting a female president. Well, yes, for this election cycle. Doesn’t mean you can’t start working now for Warren 2020 or another candidate.

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