So last week my oven looked like it was dying and over the weekend it did die. Thanks to a wonderful MIL who is just too generous, I went stove shopping today and will not be long without one. Thankfully, it's a free standing cooker of a standard size, not a weird sized one that's inbuilt into the countertop like so many of these newfangled kitchens have. Replacement doesn't look like it's going to be too much of a problem. Next step, of course, is to pull the old one out and clean the space so the new stove isn't going into a dirty spot.

OMG you guys SO GROSS! When we moved in a few years ago, it did occur to me to clean the inside of the oven; it did not occur to me to pull out the appliance and clean all around it. I don't know how many years worth of encrusted gunk I just scrubbed up. There were definitely bits of broken crockery down there that I didn't break though. (The glass underneath may have been all from me though. If I'm very tired I lose depth perception and I've broken a good few glasses.) I don't have a steam cleaner, but I just spent a good hour and a half mopping up greasiness with boiling soapy water. After the first runthrough with spray cleaner.

Those bits that you don't see to clean? Are gross.