Apparently for Mother's Day, my ABiL bought his wife an upright piano that used to belong to her great grandfather. Which is a sweet gesture. Only they are hoarders with a two bedroom townhouse, so they have nowhere to put it.

After leaning on every family member and friend who lives near them to take the piano, without finding any takers (Did they ask around before he bought the piano? No.) it has been decided that they are going to take apart their kitchen table and put the piano in its spot.


Then they started asking around for people to move the piano. Mr. Ivriniel said we would help. He did have one request. He said that we would only agree to help if they cleaned out their front hallway in advance. As it stands now, the front hallway is piled with so much stuff, it's hard for a single human to get down it, much less a group of humans bearing a piano.

Well, Mr. Ivriniel just got a response to the text where he made that request. My ABiL asked him when we would be by to help clean out of the front hallway?