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So the former priest at my church at home made Gawker

I read in my hometown newspaper online a few days ago that Fr. Sean was busted drunk-driving with weed and guns. Now it's on Gawker! He was one of the priests at my church before he got into some trouble several years ago. I've been on retreats with him and everything.


It's just so weird to see someone you know being talked about by so many people on a platform like Gawker. Never happened to me before.

I always thought he was a pretty nice dude but I know he's had some problems within the priesthood in the past. My dad and I suspect he was pressured to go into the priesthood by his parents and wasn't super into it. The rumors were he was involved with a woman so he went to a sort of priesthood rehabilitation in Maryland. In any case, I hate drunk drivers with a passion so this makes me think a lot less of him.

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