not because of first/second degree murder, but because 3 people thought he maybe had a right to claim self-defense. Three fucking people. I know the "law" says if someone has a belief that they're in danger, then they could use self-defense (and that's open to interpretation), but does anyone have the sense to realize the loopholes this law presents? I can get into a non-physical, non-threatening altercation with someone, I can shoot them, and claim self-defense! And get off for that shit! All I have to say is that I was in fear for my life! I guess I'll shoot at my television the next time I fucking watch a scary movie, because I was scared.

Furthermore we have two Black people, Marissa Alexander and Michael Giles in the SAME STATE serving/served time for firing a gun in a rightful self defense situation. They killed absolutely no one. They were lawful gun owners (*redacted*) but this man Michael Dunn killed someone, with many witnesses disputing his own version of events (including his own damn fiancé), yet it's hung on the murder charge.

I think it's important to say this: Fuck Angela Corey and her racist ass. I am convinced she is a racist who doesn't give a decimal of a fuck about minorities, just people who can donate to and enhance her political career. Fuck her. She should lose her damn job.

And for those who say he didn't get away with it because he still got 60 years, please rethink the shit out of those statements. The fact is, on official court records, in the history of the application of our laws, Jordan Davis' murder by Michael Dunn is still not acknowledged. His family has still not received justice.

I guess my point is, the jury being hung on the claim of self defense is even more discouraging and enraging than them being hung on the degree of murder. Because there were people (3/12, or 1/4 of the jury) who actually thought he had a right to kill Jordan Davis.