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Well we all know bitches weren't involved in history

So the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class regularly gets told that their show is “female focused” or that they only talk about women.

Firstly, if this was true it would be totally ok because the podcast is called STUFF YOU MISSED IN HISTORY CLASS and I know that very few women are included in textbooks and lectures.


Secondly, they went to their archives and searched and found the following breakdown of men vs women vs ungendered

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Men in history are discussed TWICE AS MUCH as women but apparently that is too much.

I want to find each an every person who has contacted them or bitched about this and punch them in the damn neck. (Why yes and I pissed off)


Most of the comments on this are supportive but there is always one:

Dustin Natov

Historical attention should be given according to historical significance, not according to percentage of the population. The reality is that women have traditionally not been as involved in historically significant events, whether we’re talking about wars, revolutions, inventions, discoveries, religious events, etc. This is obviously unfortunate (a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding tying women more than men to childbirth and early childcare, as well as various cultural factors on top of that), but that doesn’t make it any less real.

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