Remember the mainpage story that Burt shared last week about the religious family that denied short-haired former Marine and current waiter, Dayna Morales, a tip based on her "objectionable" lifestyle? Dayna may have faked the whole thing.

While obviously you could write whatever you want on a customer copy, the woman who was accused of homophobic behavior said that she couldn't have written the slash on the merchant copy because she's left-handed and the little tail at the start indicates right-handedness (any graphologists out there want to weigh in?). The couple also provided a credit card statement showing that the final total on their customer copy is indeed what they were charged.

Both Dayna and the restaurant's manager were cagey when confronted with this evidence.

I'd rather that this not be true, but I'll be honest: when it came out my first instinct was that it sounded suspicious. I know a lot of people who've worked in the service industry have similar stories to share, and it's possible that we're hearing so many of these now because people feel more comfortable coming forward, which I completely believe. But this still struck me as a bit fishy. I guess we'll see what happens.