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So, The Sirens Went Off (Wow. So stress.)

While I was making some poutine. My power had blinked, so I went downstairs to check the oven. As soon as I pulled the fries out, I thought "what's that noise?" and opened the back door. FUCKING TORNADO SIRENS. I ran upstairs to get the dogs and my phone, and came into the closet under the stairs.

I've mentioned before that PollyDog HATES storms, and as such, there's a PollyDog-sized hole in the door of the spare bedroom. So she's been medicated all day. When my dog takes Xanax, she TRIPS BALLS. So I'm sitting in the closet with the stupidest dog you'll ever meet (roomie and I did the same tests Allie Brosh did after we read that. FAILED.) and a high-as-fuck PD who is currently licking the wall. Because why not?

Until just a minute ago, they were snuggled up and staring at me. So I took this for you guys. (ESPECIALLY YOU CRANBERRY SAUCE SNACKTASTIC AS I KNOW THIS IS YOUR FAVORITE MEME.)


PollyDog is on the left. Big Stupid Dog is on the right.

EDITED TO ADD that I worded the text in the PD-shaped hole picture. I did not do that. My dog did a few years ago. When I wrote that "the sirens stopped while I was creating that," I meant meme-ifying the dogs into doges in this post.

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