And witnessed my major behaviour student slapping me because I told her to sit down.

So it was Literacy Day, and at the end of the day, each classroom had a guest reader to read to the class. One student from each class was supposed to go to the library, get the guest reader, and then introduce them to the class. The Superintendent was our guest reader. A different student was picked and when the time to introduce the Superintendent, behaviour student had a hissy fit.

When the dust finally settled, and the Superintendent sat down to read, major behaviour was sitting right in front of the Super, and spent most of the story stoking the Super's bare leg (Super is a woman and was wearing a skirt and sandals) until she got bored with that, and started clapping while the Super was reading, and randomly interrupting. The Special Needs Assistant then decided to take behaviour student for a walk.

I think it's a good thing she got a small taste of the crap I deal with on a daily basis.