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So There I Was...

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Laying in bed naked and moping, looking at my phone for TV shows to cheer me up when I got a call from a blocked number. I called voice mail. They called back as I was listening to the nice man and I hung up to try to catch him. My car was taken on a joy ride and due to my laziness, ran out of gas about 8 blocks away. Womp womp.


It appears undamaged. I forgot to check for my Janelle Monae cd but the nice policeman told me that they probably did take it because it's a great cd. We weren't able to see the car in the light and there may be damage to the car that isn't visible, since it was on Potrero Hill and they may have bottomed out the car repeatedly on the hill. But it is mostly intact. I will go back tomorrow with a gas can and turn in my rental car and have the rental place drop me back at my car.

Let the groupdrinking commence!

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