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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So there's this job... (TW: Self-worth issues)

It's a full prof. job and there looking for someone in my field. A former prof. of mine sent me the link, and I'm trying to balance out the good and the bad:

  • Good: It's at a school I know pretty well that in my general area.
  • Bad: When I say "in my area," I mean 2 hours away.
  • Good: The interviews will be at the MLA conference, which I've never been to and I'm sure is awesome.
  • Bad: MLA is in January, in Vancouver. It would cost an arm and a leg to get there, and I don't know if any funding would be available.
  • Good: It's in my field, which is a pretty narrow field, so there aren't that many people who are qualified.
  • Bad: By the same token, jobs in this field don't open up often, so I'm basically competing with all of them.
  • Good: I think I meet the qualifications.
  • Bad: Because of my crippling self doubt, I know that I don't meet any of the qualifications and that I'm stupid and incompetent and I'll die a miserable, overworked, underpaid adjunct.
  • Good & Bad: It's a job. I have to apply for it, period.

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