Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Bustle.com has been getting a lot of twitter-y comments from Jessica & Erin because they claim to be revolutionary. And yk, why hallooo, Jezebel.com.


So the site looks good (really damned good, nice job, designers), the writing is sharp, and it looks like they've got their content down, but here's a thing I want to talk about. Why no commenting? Bryan Goldberg might want to seriously consider why his website created for women doesn't allow their voices to be individually heard and/or tossed into the fray, and yet his other project, bleacherreport.com (a sports themed site) does.

Eeeenteresting. I shall do the twitter now. Will update if I get a reply.

@bgoldberg @bustle looks good but why no comments? Odd that the men can talk on b'report but ladies,no! #bandwidthhog?

eta: no reply, sent this to the managing ed: @KateWardBustle @bustle Srsly no commenting? So it's like print media.. OK #thatendedwell

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