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So things with my friend finally came to a head: Updated

So I have this friend from Uni. She's always been intense, but over the past few years has gotten harder and harder to deal with. She has been chronically ill, and it has negatively impacted her grasp of the social graces. She could be overbearing before, but she's been a lot worse since she got sick.

She also has this tendency to call rather after 10 PM from noisy locations and want to talk for two hours. Despite the fact that I have told her I like to go to bed at 11, and that my ADHD makes it hard for me to focus on the phone with background noise, and that being tired makes it worse.

Anyways, last night she called around 9:30. We've been avoiding picking up the phone after 9, trying to send her a subtle message, but last night Mr. I didn't realize what time it was and picked up. They talked for a while, and apparently he said something that offended her. I did not talk to her, as I was rather exhausted from all of yesterday's clinic drama.

So a little while ago she messaged me on Facebook, telling me all about how he had offended her, and how she thought his comment meant that we thought her medical problems were all in her head, and on and on. And this was interspersed with complaints about how she had wanted to talk to me last night, but I hadn't come to the phone, especially after I said I had overheard the comment that Mr. I had made.

For months I have been trying to figure out how to raise the issue of the inconsiderate way she has been treating me. (Making plans and breaking them, expecting me to bend over backwards to come and get her when we made plans but she didn't do what she needed to to get where she needed to be, making me late for things, including one time, work, when she sat around not getting ready when she should have, etc, etc) and I figured screw it, now is the time to just let it go. So I let her have it with both barrels. It was kind of like this:


And then I closed the facebook window on my laptop. Not the most mature response, I know. And my ipad was making facebook notification message sounds like crazy until I logged it out too. I just am sick of all the crap, and do not feel like I have the energy to deal with her right now.

Update: So I figured out how to turn off Facebook chat, and skimmed through what she said to me. She doesn't remember being rude at all, and denied doing things I know she did. Not encouraging.

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