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Saw this book today I did a double take pleasently surprised

we went out of town and stopped at an Antique Shop which is huge. I swear the floors on Etrian Odyssey games are easier to navigate. Rows are all of various lengths and take odd corners, single glass cases in the center of areas. Small steps leading to tiny rooms, ugh.

I finally found the area where people have booths which they rent for low prices. The only part of the store with some order, sadly getting there was a maze with backtracking. I kept thinking maybe I should get a sword and shield.

I wenr into this section and saw this book with this cover.


My first reacrion was “what the heck” it was a thin tall cover hardcover book. Its The Ordeal Of Oliver Airdale by DT Carlisle. I had to see what this was. Front page it said it was a satire. There were about 80 pages published in 1941. It takes place from 11776 to 11941 its essentially Planet of The Dogs 10000 years from now. One page has text opposite page has a picture relating to the story. Here is an example, think Big Little Books for the page setup. So page 2 would have text page three a picture and so on.

So I perused the book saw how Boston Boxers dressed as wolves threw over the tea. Then I jumped to the last section which had the rise of DePooch and there were dogs looking like Churchill and FDR they dealt with DePooch by putting a can around his tail as punishment, I am sure there were more details. ThIs book seemed to be about the entire world with nation names like Caninidia. It was thirty dollars so I passed. Ebay has it for 45, I checked when I got home. I saw the goodreads review who compared it to Animal Farm but published seven years earlier then AF.

Anyone read this book?

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