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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, this happened.

I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts (burying the lede on purpose) that weirdness currently abounds in the Finch pectoral region. My left breast is rather suddenly and measurably larger than my right breast, and I mean suddenly: the new bras I bought a month ago now do not fit properly. I realize that most women have some degree of asymmetry, but since I’ve had boobs that were out there, mine have enjoyed a reasonable parity. But not any more. So I called the breast clinic and booked a mammogram with a quickness, because this is not something I want to wait on while I collect my thoughts.

So I had the mammogram last Tuesday, and even the tech commented on the difference between the two breasts (I now refer to them as Pinky and the Brain, since levity is sorely needed in these situations). Two days later I get a recall for a second mammogram, and I am confused to learn that the putative issue is not with poor bloated Pinky, but with the Brain. But I’m not a doctor, so what do I know, right? I went in today for mammogram #2. This was followed almost immediately by an ultrasound, which had not been scheduled. Then the radiologist came in to take a look at the ultrasound. Then the doctor came in to look at the ultrasound. And now I am waiting for them to call me to give me the date and time of the MRI they are booking for me, and the appointment for genetic testing.


I’m tagging this HOLY CRAP WTF, because that is my favourite tag, but the thing is I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t say I’m not worried, but I’m not surprised. And now I’m wondering why I’m not surprised.

And, as they were careful to tell me, it could still be nothing. Now that would be surprising.

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