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Update to add Noklew's reaction. So this happened

Update: He was taking a nap not playing games. When he got up he went in the kitchen and Cat went to investigate. I just waited. I heard “What’s this?” and I started laughing. I told him the story and that was that. Except that little traitor went over and sat on him as soon as he sat down! But only for a few minutes then she got on the back of the couch to sleep. For the next hour or so he kept petting her and then said “I didn’t think it would take this long.” Fin

I went to my brother’s for lunch and came back with a cat.

Say hello to Ms Name to be determined.

Two nights ago, as they were going to bed, my brother heard a cat outside. When he looked he found this one looking skinny and sad. They brought her in and she immediately made herself comfortable. She even slept with them that night to the consternation of their other 3 cats. She had to be someone’s pet because she is very friendly and clean, even the insides of her ears are squeaky clean. She couldn’t have been outside long but she was very thin like she wasn’t getting enough food even before that.


Now she’s at my place and making herself at home. Abbie followed her around hissing for about 20 minutes then he was making the “friends maybe?” chirp which she replied to with a hiss. It’s been about 45 minutes total and she is on the couch grooming and he is doing whatever he does though he is coming in a checking every 10 minutes or so.

Noklew hasn’t come in playing on the X box so he doesn’t know about this new situation but he is not going to be happy. Oh well, I am lonely since losing Molly and Mina in the past 13 months. Abbie is not a lap cat. He won’t even sit next to anyone and I MISS CUDDLES dammit.

Now I just need a name. Usually they just come to me but so far nothing.

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